With All My Heart
Babbie Mason

Key: F
this dove-award winning song has the
original key in "C" by records, but too low

Verse 1:
   F                F/A
In this quiet place with you
  C/Bb      Bb          D7/A
I bow before your throne
I bare the deepest part of me
   C7sus4         C7
to you and you alone
Am7                                Dm7
I keep no secrets for there is no thought
C              Bb  F/A
you have not known
  Gm7                   F/A
I bring my best and all the rest
  Bbmaj7   Bb6      C7sus4
to you and lay them down

C7           F
With all my heart
Am7             Bbmaj7  Bb6
I want to love you Lord
   D7/A     Gm7
And live my life
/F          C7sus4        C7
each day to know you more
All that is in me
/C          G9/B
Is yours completely
G7/B           F/C  Bb/C
I'll serve you only
     C7     F
With all my heart

Verse 2:
You faithfully supply my needs
according to your plan
So help me Lord to seek your face
before I seek your hand
And trust you know what's best for me
when I don't understand
Then follow in obedience
in every circumstance

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