Close To Your Heart
Scott Brenner

Key: Unk
Am Am/G        D/F#     G    E7/G# Asus4  A
   Close to your heart, lead me ever nearer
Am Am/G       D/F#    G       E7/G#      Asus4 A
   Safe in your arms, hold me near to You (x2)

D     D/C#        Bm       D/A          G
Lord, You are my fortress, You are my refuge
D/F#       Em        Asus4            D
Deep in the cleft of the Rock, I will hide
D/C#             Bm
You are my stronghold
   D/A            G           D/F#         Em Asus4 A
My place of deliverance, where I will abide

©1995 Scott Brenner (Admin. by Scott Brenner Ministries)
All rights reserved. International copyright secured.

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